Now it’s time for the iPhone 5S! We at have got a hold on a brand new iPhone 5S digitizer and LCD screen assembly and are the first in the world who have made the comparison with the iPhone 5 digitizer and LCD screen assembly. Let’s take a look at some of the differences Apple has made.

comparison of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s front

When you first take a look at the front of these two digitizers and LCD screen assemblies, you won’t find any difference except the length of the flex cable. The dimensions of these two screens are exactly the same, and even the distance between the edge of the phone and display is the same. We know this might disappoint many Apple fans, but we are sad to say that you’d better not expect too much improvement in the iPhone 5S screen compared to the iPhone 5. The flex cable of the iPhone 5S is much longer than the iPhone 5, which indicates that the inner components of the iPhone 5S do indeed have some differences compared to the earlier model.

After taking a look at the back of these two screens, we can see some small differences on the top and bottom of the screens. The front housing of iPhone 5S is thicker on the top compared with the iPhone 5. And for the bottom part, the screw hole of the iPhone 5S is a little bit bigger than the one on the iPhone 5.
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