Update: A lot of people have mentioned that they can’t believe that the part is authentic based on the weird looking Apple logo visible on the inside of the rear housing. In fact, if you look closely, the logo is its own separate molding implemented into the rear housing molding. It makes it harder to copy and is more expensive to produce.

Once again, we’ve got some new leaks here at FanaticFone.com! This time, our great sources have given us TWO unreleased iPad 5 rear housings, which shows some new exciting features. The iPad 5’s dimensions are surprisingly enough 24×16.8 cm and weights only 100 gram, which is clearly both shorter and lighter than its predecessors.


The distance between the border and screen of the iPad 5 is much shorter than the former iPads’, and is now is measuring at 3mm. The volume button is separated into two respective parts, and the loud speaker is placed on the bottom of the rear housing, just like the iPad Mini. And not to forget, the Apple logo is now in silver and not black like its predecessors.

iPad 5 rear housingiPad 5 rear housing top leftiPad 5 rear housing top rightiPad 5 rear housing leftiPad 5 rear housing rightiPad 5 rear housing side keysiPad 5 rear housing bottom

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